10 creative company outing Ideas in Boston for team-building and fun

Perhaps you have some new employees and you want to help them integrate into your team. Or maybe you want to reward your team for doing a good job on a recently-finished project. Or perhaps the New England weather is beginning to affect morale and you want to give your people a quick burst of inspiration.

Whatever the reason, getting your team out of the office and doing something fun is a great way to promote bonding, boost morale and get your people’s creative juices flowing. Fortunately, Boston offers a wide range of activities that are just perfect for company outings:

  1. Take a Freedom Trail® Tour.

    Explore some of our city’s — and our country’s — history by taking a Freedom Trail® Tour. This 2.5-mile walking tour tells the story of the American Revolution by leading you past historically significant sites such as the Paul Revere House, the Bunker Hill Monument and of course the U.S.S. Constitution. And yes, your guide will be wearing an 18th century costume!

  2. Visit The Patios.

    Open through August 31stThe Patios at City Hall Plaza has a lot of fun activities to offer. Play a round of mini-golf, and enjoy a good Wachusett brew or a delicious ice cream from Honeycomb Creamery afterwards. And if you go on a Wednesday, you can even play with puppies that are up for adoption.

  3. Take an improv class.

    If you haven’t been hearing much “Yes, and…” at the office lately, it’s time for an improv class. Improv is a fun — often hilarious — way to promote communication, collaboration and “being in the moment” among your team. Check out Improv Boston and Improv Asylum for workshops.

  4. Play paintball.

    Do you think your team could benefit from some fun competition? Then paintball might be just the thing. For low-impact paintball that doesn’t require any prior experience, try Boston Paintball in Chelsea.

  5. Go sailing.

    For a real team building event, get everyone on the water. Boston Sailing Center offers a Harbor Cruise, which allows your people to try their hand at sailing or simply relax and take in the stunning view. If you’re feeling more competitive, an Around the Island Race lets you divide your team into two groups. After some basic instruction and a practice session, the two groups race each other around the Harbor Islands.

  6. Visit a trampoline park.

    Get your team to let our their inner kids with a day — or night — at a trampoline park. At Launch in Norwood, approximately 25 miles southwest of Boston, you can even rent out the facility for an entire night and have unlimited access to the foam pit and dodgeball court.

  7. Go on a scavenger hunt.

    Challenge your team with a fun scavenger hunt like the ones offered by Watson Adventures. Try to escape the Museum of Fine Arts or solve the murder at the Science Museum. And if you’re planning your event around April 15th, try the Boston Adventures Philanthropy scavenger hunt™, specifically designed to honor “One Boston Day” by performing random acts of kindness and spreading goodwill throughout the city.

  8. Become chocolatiers for a day.

    Seriously — who doesn’t love chocolate? Well, here’s the good news: Boston Chocolate School offers a team building workshop that teaches your team to create delectable truffles by hand. And the challenge doesn’t stop there: The team will also create a brand identity, packaging and a marketing slogan.

  9. Go indoor go-kart racing.

    For a real adrenaline boost, take your team go-kart racing. Once everyone’s had the opportunity to practice, you can really ramp up the competition with some races. Check out K1Speed in Wilmington, approximately 15 miles north of Boston, where you can organize a mini Grand Prix, Grand Prix or Le Mans Endurance for your team.

  10. Volunteer.

    Why not spend a day doing good — and feeling good about it? Two local volunteering organizations worth looking into are One Brick Boston and Boston Cares. One Brick is a non-profit organization committed to providing a flexible way for individuals to serve other local nonprofits by providing a calendar of volunteer and social events to help people get involved, have an impact, and have fun, without the requirements of long term commitments. And Boston Cares is another non-profit organization that can source an opportunity that’s a good fit for your team.

    Some volunteer activities you can get involved in for one or both of these organization include: creating beds for underserved children whose families can’t afford basic furnishings or who are transitioning out of shelters, dissembling donated bicycles into parts that then get repurposed for agriculture and infrastructure in rural countries, folding and sorting baby clothing and supplies that will go to young mothers and families in need, cleaning and landscaping public parks, serving meals at soup kitchens, and planting crops at community gardens.

Of course, there are many more fun team-building activities to choose from — from taking a Duck Boat tour to visiting Plimoth Plantation and from attending a cocktail-mixing class to participating in a Wicked Good Chowda Cook-Off challenge. Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s fun for the whole team!

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