how to find a boston internship

How to find a great internship in Boston

Internships can be a critical component of your journey from student to professional in many cities, but especially in Boston. That’s because Boston is the home to some of the best of the best in schools, companies, hospitals, research institutions, sports teams, and more – which means that the Boston is a special city filled with lots of competition.

Fortunately, even with all of the competition, Boston is abundant with local pride and job sectors ranging from technology to marketing to fashion to tourism and more in which young professionals can gain internship experience.  The benefit of all of this is, of course, being able to earn credit (if applicable) and build your resume, but also you’ll more likely be able to jumpstart your career in an impactful internship role.

Another great thing to note about getting an internship in Boston is that Boston consistently ranks among the top cities in the U.S. to work in due to its positive local labor market, high average salary, and great work-life balance and job security. So even if you’re not sure if you’ll stay in Boston long-term, you’ll still benefit from at least doing an internship in this great city.

If you’re in the position in your early career to find an internship, let us help! Here are a few solid tips for finding a great internship in the Boston area:

Work with your school’s career center

Get connected with your school’s placement or career center, who are often the first to receive notice of new internships and entry-level jobs in your area of expertise. Because schools and employers often work closely together from, they might even have a little pull or useful inside knowledge about the best opportunities available.

Try Handshake or WayUp

Web platforms like Handshake and WayUp exist for the sole purpose of connecting students and new grads with internship and employment opportunities. Joining these sites and then checking them often for new internships can help you throw your name in the pot. Remember, the more positions you apply to the better your chances of receiving an offer! Just make sure to tailor your resume and application to fit the needs of the internship.

Don’t underestimate Google (and Google for Jobs)

As you’re looking for a good internship in Boston, make Google your friend. You actually might as well give Google a daily visit because when it come to job hunting, Google for Jobs has nearly all of the latest job information you need; Google for Jobs pulls open positions from all of the most popular job boards and platforms like Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn and then uses Google voodoo to ensure only those that best fit your needs are displayed in your search results.

So how exactly do you use Google for Jobs? Simply do a Google search for the internship you’re looking for (example: Accounting Internship, Marketing internship, etc.) and Google will sort out the right information for you. From there, click “Explore jobs” when your results pop up and sift through all of the opportunities that Boston holds for you.

Behold the power of networking

And by networking, we mean real networking with others who are likely in your position such as other almost-grads or new grads, and with employers themselves who might be hiring.

Consider the following networking strategies in the Boston area to meet and build rapport with those hiring or those already working in your dream industry:

  • attend job fairs hosted by your school to speak directly to hiring and HR managers
  • join Meetup and attend events that can connect you with like minded people
  • use Eventbrite to find local events
  • join Boston Cares or One Brick Boston and take on volunteer opportunities that can expand your personal and professional networks

Know what you’re getting into

Most importantly: make sure you know everything there is know about an organization before you dive in head first in pursuing an internship with them. Your internship is a foundational building block of your resume and subsequently, your professional career, so choose an organization that is well-respected in the industry – and by it’s current and former employees.

To accomplish this, learn as much as you can from the organization’s website, but don’t overlook the power of employee reviews, which can let you know how well the company’s intentions are reflected in the workplace.

This company research will also serve you well in the application and interview process; the company will expect for you to have done some research on them and deem it as a negative if you don’t know who they are and what they do.


Boston is an intern’s dream marketplace – the opportunities are plentiful, the industries are many, and the community is as unique and charming as they come. Take full advantage of being in “The Hub” of opportunity!

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